I'm trying to create a FPS game in blender game engine. When I do KeyBoard[Spacebar] sensor and hook it up to a simple motion of z +1 or something like that, the guys pops up really fast as if he didn't have any motion between being on the ground and being in the air. Is there a way to make a more realistic, more slow jump in BGE?


You can do this by using the Linear velocity setting under simple motion. This will make your character's jump motion look much more realistic.

If you are using Character physics, you can simply use this setting.

enter image description here

You can change the settings for the character's jump speed and power in the Physics tab.

enter image description here

If you are using a dynamic object, or a rigid body object, you can use linear velocity along the z axis.

enter image description here


I use (these represent game logic)

Keypress-------and----------Motion (linv up)
if jump=0------/ \----------jump =30
if Ray-------/

if ray is positive, key is pressed and jump=0: Apply jump set jump property to 30


if jump min:2 max:30-----------and------------add -1 to jump

if jump=1 -----------and-----------jump=0
Ray positive---------/

The advantage here is you can play a animation using the property jump, and it will hold the last frame until you hit the ground,

if jump changed -------and(order hack)-----------JumpProp =30-jump

if jump changed-----------and------------action Jump

Also, you can use 'If jump==0" for other logic.


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