Creating a displacement texture for 3D printing using geometry nodes

I'm trying to recreate a pattern within a shape and include a displacement in geometry nodes so I can 3D print it.

The pattern / shape I'm trying to recreate is:


I can create / trace a pattern using shader nodes and curves.


When I try and recreate it in geometry nodes with a displacement I run into issues.


The steps I was following

  1. I traced the reference image using bezier curves
  2. Converted curve to mesh and filled the face
  3. Added wave texture
  4. Convert the displacement into mesh


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with this node setup:

enter image description here

you can do this:

enter image description here

Basically all the node setup does is, instancing curve lines on a curve line.

Then i give a sine wave on the horizontal curve lines (the instanced lines) and rotate them a bit by their index.

I don't use boolean mesh with GN because it is often slow, sometimes buggy and sometimes it crashes Blender. So i am using the much better, more reliable and more stable raycast here. I extrude the "flat" shoe to z and i am then raycasting just to z, and if it is not hit the shoe, i delete the point. By this i can easily cut out the shoe form for my curves.


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