I am editing a very dense mesh. It looks great when viewed as solid faces, but it's just a black blob when viewed as wireframe because there are so many vertices.

When I switch to edit mode to select some vertices, the display goes to wireframe. Is there a way to hide unselected "wires" in edit mode, but keep the solid display of all faces, so that I can work on this dense mesh?


Sadly this is not possible, however you can approximate a result like this fairly easily.

First, go to File > User Preferences > Themes > 3D View and change the Wire color to the default grey. (Around Hex 6B6B6B)

Change colors 1

This will make it less visible, but not invisible. You can make it so that selected edges are not shown as well by going to the N menu and finding the Mesh Display options.

Hide Selected Edges

Also see this question

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    $\begingroup$ is there a way to set a hotkey to the checkbox "Edges"? So that you can toggle it with a hotkey? $\endgroup$
    – cubrman
    May 26 '18 at 7:59

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