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Hello, I have made this ice cream and I want to upload it to the game engine that I am using. However, I am facing one problem and it is the sprinkles. When I convert particle system, it will randomly pick one color from the color ramp and use that color for the rest.

Is there a way that I could quickly turn that color ramp node into uv texture? Or do I really have to convert, add a lot of materials and use the deselect random feature and assign it until I will achieve this? Because if that is what I would do then I would do it to all other 10+ ice creams and it takes so much time.

Thank you, I hope someone finds a quicker solution.


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I hope I understood correctly - to bake the RAMP into a texture, the most simple way is:

(baked texture on the last image)

  1. Scale the UV Map of the "Sprinkle" super small

  2. to connect your RAMP to Emission (to retain colors vivid)

  3. Create a New texture called Colors

  4. Add the Image texture to Shader Editor and select the Colors texture

  5. In Render Options (Cycles Render Engine) BAKE, select Emit from dropdown

  6. Hit BAKE

Then you can save your texture as an Image.

To use the texture, do not forget to plug in the Math node "Add" with Random Object Info node to the Mapping.

For the node setup in the first image, after Applying the Particle system, the sprinkles retained their various colors even without the Texture assigned.

Hope it helps!

Node 1 Bake



I believe in new versions of Blender the option is Make Instances Real instead of Convert to Mesh.

Object Info -> Random generates a value between 0-1 that is unique for each different object. Make Instances Real will make a unique object for each particle, so the material should work as is. However, when you Convert to Mesh all of the particles get joined under one object.

You can instead use Geometry -> Random Per Island to generate a unique value for each mesh island that is a part of the object and that should make your material work again with your current setup.

enter image description here

That is if I've got all the details right. :)


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