Follow-up to Keyframes not visible with object selected

In short, keyframes disappeared from the timeline without losing effect, and previous solutions aren't restoring them to view.

I have attempted the following suggestions so far:

  • Select object and node property sequentially

  • Disable "Only Keyframes from Selected Channels" in Timeline Editor View menu

  • Assure "Only Show Errors" is disabled

  • Middle click and drag in the timeline to attempt to move keyframes in view

  • Press the home key/click "Frame All" in the Timeline Editor

Unfortunately, none of these suggetions worked. I am providing my *.blend file.


The properties in question are color stop positions in the selected ColorRamp node in the object labeled "GHOST KEYFRAMES OBJECT".

  • $\begingroup$ there are no keyframes in your blend file....you can check yourself: insert a new and you will directly see it in the graph editor $\endgroup$
    – Chris
    Jul 6, 2022 at 8:13
  • $\begingroup$ @Chris You're right, there are none, that's the reason for the question - because the color ramp is still animated without keyframes, drivers etc. ;) I found the action anyway, I guess it's a bug. $\endgroup$ Jul 6, 2022 at 9:20

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This is not really providing an answer, since I guess this must be some kind of bug. The workaround depends on what you want to do: get completely rid of the animation or just change the animated values.

  1. To get rid of the animation, simply duplicate the Color Ramp on a frame where you like the positions - the new ramp is without animation and uses the positions of the frame it was created. Of course you could (for simple things like this ramp) just add a new one.

  2. To keep the animation, switch the Outliner window to Display Mode > Data API. IF you scroll down you'll find Actions where it says "2 items". These are two Shader NodeTreeActions, the second is orphaned data, the first is the one from the Color Ramp. If you open the hierarchy, there you will find the entries for the F-Curves where you can change the values. Of course it would still be easier to duplicate the Color Ramp and just add new keyframes, they will then show up in the Timeline and Graph Editor.

data api

  1. Since Data API won't let you delete entries, another way to remove the action(s) could be to switch the Outliner to Blender File. There you will find them under Action (without the rest of the complete hierarchy like F-Curves etc.) and you can simply right-click on them and choose Delete.

blender file


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