I am trying to export my model into a gltf file. It includes a simple walk cycle animation. My issue is that each and every object of my model gets a seperate animation track after export.


Before Export


Outliner to Show Heirarchy


Export Settings

enter image description here

How do I prevent the export from giving every object a seperate animation?

Thank you.


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After a lack of response here, I posted the question to the Blender GLTF I/O github. So Julien Duroure, the lead maintainer of the addon had given me the solution.

The issue is that, in the export options. I set is as 'Limited to Selected Objects'. This causes all objects to have a baked animation.

So Julien had given me two solutions.

  • Don't use limits to selection
  • Use "Optimize Animation Size", that will remove animations that are constant (this was the case for my meshes)

In my case the 2nd option has worked fine. Cheers.


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