I have a gear object that is visible in the 3D View, but not visible in any collection within the Outliner.

  • Whenever I hide all entities inside the collection, the object is still visible.

  • Whenever I hide the collection itself, everything including the object of interest hides.

The object is in a collection somewhere, I just can't find it. Can you help me find it?

Project Model Object of reference Hidden object of reference

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    $\begingroup$ select the object in viewport and then hover over the outliner and press Numpad . key to reveal it $\endgroup$ Jul 3 at 14:47

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The gear is child of another object, so its name is hidden under this object's hierarchy. Select the gear, go to the outliner, right click and choose view > show active (or simply press dot on your numpad while hovering the outliner window).


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