I want to make a warped spiral or helix.

I figured I would do this by creating a spiral or helix from the add-on add curve: extra objects and be able to manipulate the control points with a handle to create a warped shape but I can't figure out if there is a way to add handles to a spiral or helix.

any suggestions or alternative approaches to creating an oval spiral? enter image description here


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Change the curve type to Bezier:


You will then have to change the handle type to Aligned:


After this, Recalculate the curve "flow" (direction) to make the spiral smooth:


Doing it this way may give you too many points for your liking, however - you can get away with using fewer steps (points) when creating the base spiral. You can also change the generated curve type to Bezier and set the Handles to Auto all in one go (as opposed to all the steps above):



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