I've tried following a 'default cube' tutorial on Youtube. which is a glowing sphere inside a cube that has a cloth sim on it. I've used the same settings. When viewing it in the viewports the spare collides with the cloth object moving it around. But when I try to render it, as a still frame or animation, parts of the cloth disappear and the sphere is outside this mesh. I have tried it also with a default principled BSDF incase the transparent shader was causing the issue, but the effect is the same

here's a link to the tutorial


and a google drive link to the blend file and a screen shot showing the difference between the rendered image and the viewport.


I am using the latest 'official' release o blender (not a beta or alpha) and I'm running it on a mid 2015 iMac with Big Sur OS

Hope someone can help

Best Wishes



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Bake the physics. Press F3 and search bake all physics.

enter image description here

Or look for baking in cache settings of cloth physics.

With physics baked, you should have no problems

  • $\begingroup$ Hi thank you for replying. I have tried baking the physics but I am still having the same issue $\endgroup$
    – Balletdude
    Commented Jun 29, 2022 at 10:20

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