Sorry if the question is a little confusing

There are some similar questions like How can I make an object only visible through certain material and Material that's only visible if seen through another material but they both involve surface materials and I can't seem to translate the answers to volumetric materials.

Suppose I have a volumetric cube, and an object inside it:

enter image description here

To start the volume is uniformly zero density, and I want the object to not be visible:enter image description here

But as I increase the density, I want the areas where the dense parts of the volume and the object inside it intersect to be the only place where the object is visible:

enter image description here

So here the dense volume is red and the star shows up, but where the less dense volume is pink, the object should still not be visible.

I tried playing with the Light Path node but I can't find a light path that I can use to compare the density of the volume for this.



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