I want to know something. Under Layout Workspace I can see many modes(object, edit, sculpt etc). Again there are separate workspace like Modeling, sculpting!

what Object mode under layout workspace exactly is?

what is the difference in staying object mode (Layout)press Tab and go to edit mode.


going to modeling workspace from layout workspace's object mode?

Is edit mode in layout same as Modeling workspace?

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Edit mode, whether you are in the Layout workspace or in the Modeling workspace, is exactly the same.

Edit mode, Object mode, Sculpt mode, etc, determine how you will interact with the object, while workspaces like Layout, Modeling, Sculpting, etc, are just different organizations of the interface windows, they are supposed to be better adapted to your needs when you want to model, sculpt, etc.

Of course depending on the workspace you choose your object may automatically switch to Edit interaction mode or Sculpt mode, etc, but it will be the exact same mode as if you'd stayed in any workspace and switched the interaction mode to Edit or Sculpt.

Actually you can ignore the different workspaces, stay into the Layout workspace and reorganize the windows as you want.

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