I am trying to make a procedural terrain with GeoNodes. My weight paint is not affecting the Set Positions Node in the way, that it takes any weights into account for the translation/sculpting. It is only taking the group as a whole for that gruff and bold effect. And despite the facts the different weight-zones are perfectly working for example with the density of distributed points or the scale of instances.

I also tried to pipe the attribute into the Z value of the Offset. But it resulted in the same issue. I am working with Blender 3.2.

Am I missing something?

enter image description here


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The data type of the selection socket is boolean, so it's values will be either 0 or 1 (false or true). Float values are internally converted to boolean using the condition $X \gt 0$.

If what you want is to control what percentage of the translation will be applied, you will need to multiply the translation by the weight:

enter image description here

the color of a socket shows what data type it works with, if you can't see the difference (or it's really hard to see) between a float socket and a boolean socket (and maybe string sockets), you may have some colorblindness similar to mine.

The Blender documentation says that float sockets are gray, while booleans are pink:

Float (gray):

Indicates numeric value’s information. It can either be a single numerical value or a so-called “value map”. (You can think of a value map as a gray-scale map where the different amount of bright/dark reflects the value for each point.) If a single value is used as an input for a “value map” socket, all points of the map are set to this same value. Common use: Alpha maps and value options for a node.

Boolean (pink):

Used to pass a true or false value.

  • $\begingroup$ Ah perfect. It worked with the Vector Math Node set to Multiply. The result is now a smooth translation of the mesh form following the weights. Thank you very much. $\endgroup$
    – TheFrancis
    Jun 26 at 23:21

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