I have sculpted a model using the Multiresolution modifier. This lead to pretty dense topology. Now I would like to use a Geometry Nodes setup to put scales on some parts of my model, however there are way to many vertices now.

Is there a way to tell the geometry nodes to use the base mesh without any modifiers applied?

Alternatively is there a way to simplify the mesh within my geometry nodes setup?


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Not possible, unfortunately.

Theoretically this would work, but if you use the modifier Multiresolution, unfortunately not.

This modifier always needs the original and unchanged data of an object, and is therefore always at the top of your modifier chain.

In Geometry Nodes you have no possibility to process this original data in the same object after this modifier.

And unfortunately, there is currently no way to reduce a mesh of this type with Geometry Nodes.

You could remove individual vertices, edges or faces, but that would destroy the topology of your mesh.


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