everyone. I have a little problem. I'm using the MakeHuman MPFB2 add-on to create human characters in Blender. It is great! But one problem I have encountered with it is that, my African/Black characters tend to get blue eyes and matted hair and I don't know how to correct that. I'm concerned about the blue eyes because I mainly create African/Black characters.

How do I add brown eyes instead of blue eyes? Also, how do I get rid of the matted hair? I've provided a screengrab below. Thanks.

Please, I've solved the problem. Thanks. enter image description here

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The matted hair is due to a roughness setting in the material. All mesh objects created/handled by MPFB, with the exception of skin and eyes, have a principled node as a centerpiece.

You should be able to simply change the roughness value to make it look more to your liking:

Roughness can be changed in material settings

Eyes in MPFB are completely procedural. You can change color, as well as several other settings, freely. This, too, in the material settings:

enter image description here


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