When I create a duplicate linked object model in object mode most of its characteristics should be duplicated including the meshes of both. When I go into edit mode the two objects should show their meshes at the same time. When I try this, only the original mesh is highlighted. Why are not both meshes being shown in edit mode? This used to be the default behavior in Blender as shown at 3:02 in this video: https://youtu.be/ENdGhAM3NzA?t=182


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Two part answer:

  1. When you duplicate an object, the data that is duplicated is configurable in Preferences, under the Editing tab. Here are the defaults for 3.2:

Preferences showing the default duplicates

  1. When you go into edit mode, the two object do not show their meshes at the same time as you have discovered. This is a user interface design choice by the developers. While an edit updates both meshes in real time, only the active mesh is shown. This is to reduce confusion in the interface.

Duplicate Suzanne being edited

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