I'm working on an animation with 150 objects. I've finished animating and keyframing the objects' transformations, so my next step is to work on their colors.

I would like to solely focus on animating and keyframing the Shader for each object but it is important to know how can I "hide" the Object Transformation channel for all 150 objects and only keep the Shader channel, otherwise it can get a bit confusing.

Image for reference:

Hide Channel?

Also, since I'm working with multiple objects, it would be nice if I could toggle ON and OFF the channel's visibility for all 150 objects at once, and not individually one by one - if possible.

Again, I truly appreciate your time and feedback.


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The Dope Sheet has a filter in its header on the right side. There you can choose the types of animation data that you want to have included in the list.

enter image description here

For materials only, select Node Trees and Materials, and uncheck the rest.


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