Recreating moire patterns in geometry nodes

I'm trying to recreate an answer given in Animation Nodes to Geometry Nodes.

The original question and answer / link. Converting code to work in blender with sliders


Now I'm trying to do the same thing using Geometry Nodes When I use the offset on the "arms" the "skew" seems to be off / to rigid.

img 2


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Here's one way to do it:

  1. Create a base mesh with a bunch of grids instanced on a line. The grids have a size of 1, so i space out the line points by 2 to make an odd/even pattern. I give them some more resolution on the Y axis for later twisting, can be tweaked as needed. enter image description here
  2. Then "realize" those instances. That will turn it into a full mesh so i can place each vertex where it needs to go. enter image description here
  3. Then a SetPosition node to turn this array into an actual spiral. First step is to scale it so all points sit on the Y axis, between inner and out radius.enter image description here
  4. Then i rotate the vector to make a basic fan, using the original X position mapped to 2*pi range.enter image description here
  5. And finally add the twist by adding an angle proportional to the Y position.enter image description here

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