is there a way for the rotation widget to be affected by rotation? In the pictures, I have the same mesh but one is rotated 90d on axis. I want the rotation widget red green blue lines to turn with my mesh so I can do rotations easier. the picture emphasizes the staticness of the widget which I want to change.


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The widget is static because your orientation is set to "world"-- and your world isn't rotating. Its X, Y and Z axes are always oriented the same way.

If you want the widget to change rotation to match your object, you want a different orientation-- probably, "local." When you use that orientation, the widget's axes represent the axes of your object, not the world, and those axes change with rotation.

enter image description here

Notice the tooltip.

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you! simple fix! $\endgroup$
    – mehnoy
    May 28 at 22:53

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