This is the image I am basing my model on: enter image description here

How can I recreate such part of the kettle where the red arrow is pointing at (I'm just a beginner and don't know much). Here is the current model I have: enter image description here

I have had 2 solutions that did not work:

  1. Create a new part and snap it to the model to recreate the given part or the part inside the red outline.

Problem: It doesn't align with the vertices, edges and faces of the model.

  1. Extrude from an existing part and then try to recreate it.

Problem: They don't align and the model looks really bad when this is applied.

Is there any solution to this? Thanks.


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I would also use extrusion:

Select some of the faces:

enter image description here

Extrude and move, scale, etc:

enter image description here


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