When rendering an animation as image sequence (Render>Render Animation) I am getting different results compared to when its rendered as a single image (Render>Render Image).

These are the same frame of the animation. Nothing changed in settings or setup between them aside from one is taken from the animation image sequence - the other by setting the timeline to the same frame and rendering it as a single image.

The animation is missing the refractions from the background. This is from a texture on the 'world' environment.

The animation frames are faster to render and obviously by default blender is ignoring something.

Is there a setting or box I need to tick to get the animation to recognise the scene the way the individual image does? Its driving me round the bend.

Single Image enter image description here

Frame from animation enter image description here


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For anyone that might be interested, the issue was with the world texture.

I was using an mp4 movie as the texture, and while that works great on a plane in the scene in an animation, the world texture wasnt updating each frame.

When i rendered an individual image of any particular frame in the timeline i think blender had the chance to calculate which frame of the movie should be displayed in the world texture, but when i rendered out the animation it got stuck on frame 1 and didnt change.

The solution was to manually keyframe the "offset" value in the texture node to keep pace with the frame of the timeline. Bit of a rough fix but it works.

keyframe offset in world texture


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