I want to render a selected few frames in blender from terminal. From blender docs, it has options to set start and end frame, but no option to specify individual frame numbers. Is there a way to specify that?

I can run rendering multiple times, once for each frame by setting start and end frame to the specified frame number. I am looking if it is possible to do it in a single command.


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The Render Arguments section of that page describes --render-frame. That's the option you are looking for.

--render-frame <frame>

  • Render frame <frame> and save it.

    • + start frame relative, - end frame relative.

    • A comma separated list of frames can also be used (no spaces).

    • A range of frames can be expressed using .. separator between the first and last frames (inclusive).

-f is the short form of the arguments. Here are some examples, assuming you have your start and end frame set to 1 and 250, the defaults:

  • -f 7 renders frame 7;
  • -f +7 renders frame 8;
  • -f -1 renders frame 249;
  • -f 3,5,7 renders frames 3, 5, and 7; and
  • -f 3..7 renders frames 3 through 7

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