Dear 3D artists I want to display a Video as an image texture but I want the texture to be flat. Unfortunately the Video always gets distorted. distorted textureI test imagethink it depends on the topology of the object where the texture should be projected on. I tried all possible settings but can't achieve the appropriate solution. Do you have an advise for me? I would be very thankful.

topology node tree


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It's hard to get the result because:

  • Your image is not square
  • Your object has uneven dimensions
  • Your object (probably) has uneven scale

So what you can do to walkaround these issues?

  1. Go to edit mode, select all screen faces and in top view (Num 7) press Uproject from view (bounds)
  2. In material, connect UV from texture coordinates.

In this way, Video/image will perfectly fit screen size, and all uneven scales of object and image will be ignored.


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