Currently I'm trying to develop an LOD (Level of detail) system for a terrain mesh based on geometry nodes. I use a Separate Geometry node to split a grid into circular LOD regions and subdivide the inner regions further. This arises the problem of creating holes in the border zones of the mesh where the LODs change.

Here is my node setup:

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Can any of you think of a solution to fix this problem?

Here is my final solution thanks to André Zmuda:

enter image description here

Many thanks!


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For the sake of simplicity, I used a raycast setup to generate this example. But the concept should be transferable to your setup.


node setup

By separating the geometry, you double your edges and this creates the holes. The core of my solution are the following nodes:

core nodes

After separating the geometry, I choose the border of the subdivided mesh and place all vertices of this border onto the nearest point of the rest of the mesh. This closes the holes. Afterwards I merge by distance to weld everything together.


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