I'm using custom shapes for a character armature. These shapes are objects that are floating around in my 3D space. They aren't really connected to the armature or the character mesh.

However, when I append the character mesh to a project, all these custom shapes follow along, as objects. This clutters up my 3D view, and I have to remove these objects every time I append a character mesh.

Is there any way of hiding these/putting them into the armature layer/not appending them somehow when I'm appending a character?


Unlink these objects from the scene:

import bpy



  • There will be no clutter, even no extra stuff in outliner
  • You will be able to still see them in the dataview outliner.
  • Bones will still use them as shapes
  • They won't be deleted with file save
  • It will still work with file linking


  • You will have to link them back to scene to make changes, so do this last
  • Other people won't know what's going on, it's not standard and I would do this only on personal projects
  • It might not work with future blender releases, its a hack.
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