Please refer to the following images. This is what I have now

my model

This is what I need to turn it into reference image

So I need to create gaps on the rim. I tried extruding it in, deleting the extra faces and re-creating faces between the vertices, but it was very slow and the inside could not be cleanly closed for missing 1 vertex. Previously I used the boolean modifier but it seems to destroy the topology and make it harder to edit after the boolean. Another way I can think of is to loop cut it, delete some faces then re-create some faces, but it seems as slow as the first method.

Is there a good, reliable way of doing this and similar things?


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Faces to remove

Delete these six faces.

Edges to create face from

Select these two edges and make a face.

Do the same with the two edges next to them.

next pair of edges

Do the same with these two.

Do the same with the pair across from them.

final result



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