I'm new in Blender 3.1.2. However, I've successfully done some VFX motion tracking projects, where I basically redo all the steps from certain YouTube tutorials. Now I'm stuck at my latest "project" and I cannot find a solution myself:

I successfully motion tracked the image sequence of a video I shot and set up the tracking scene where I added a little animated car chase into my scene: enter image description here

Everything looks very good so far...

Now, when I want to examine the composition in the viewer node, I only got the image from my video, but not my car chase scene: enter image description here

This is the first time for me that this is happening. In all my other little learning projects before, everything appeared perfectly in the viewer node.

I was able to figure out that something in the compositing nodetree is different to my previous projects. The "Render Layers" nodes for my scene foreground/background are not showing anything in the preview area and when I connect them directly to the viewer node, nothing is shown (the following image only shows the empty preview areas):enter image description here

I compared many settings between one of my working projects and this one but I cannot figure out, why the scene is not correctly displayed in the viewer node.

I initially also had problems during rendering. Also, only the background movie was rendered, but not my cars. This I was able to solve by removing the video from the Video Editor inside Blender, which I needed to render my movie into separate PNGs for tracking. After cleaning up the editor, the rendering was fixed (why?!??!) but not the viewer node issue.

Please, can someone enlighten me, what I am doing wrong?!?

Thanks, Maik



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