I'm trying to randomize the start and end handle position for a "Bezier Segment" node, but any time I connect a random value vector to the input socket I just get an error (see example image below). I'm new to blender so maybe I'm misunderstanding what type of input is required, but the purple color indicates that I should be able to input a vector, right?

enter image description here

-Thanks in advance


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You need a single value for the ID in the Random Value node so it produces a single output (circular shape of the output).

ID single input

I think that the default value it uses as ID when nothing is specified is Index, which doesn't makes sense when generating a single value, so we need to specify a single ID.


From Blender documentation:


An ID to drive the random number generator seed. By default, this input uses the same value as of the ID Node, which is the id attribute of the context geometry if it exists, and otherwise the index.

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