I have successfully converted Blender 3.2 into a python module on Windows 10 and can import it into my Python 3.10 scripts and run bpy commands.

As described in Building Blender as Python Module on Windows 10 the folder structure for Python310 looks like this:

Image of Python310 folder structure containing 3.2 Blender folder.

  • Note that it contains the 3.2 folder from Blender 3.2 (alpha as of writing this)

And the folder in \Python310\Lib\site-packages containing bpy.pyd and all .dll files looks like this: enter image description here

  • Note that I have other modules installed like Django, CAPTCHA, Rest Auth, etc...

My question is; How do I create a downloadable package like Python's requests module? (it doesn't have to be on pypi, just downloadable from a git repo)

My goal is to deploy this bpy module to a Windows server running docker with a Django Rest_Framework API. I want to be able to tell DockerFile: Download bpy3.2 at this GitHub link when deployed or possibly add it to a requirements.txt file. What I don't understand is how the file structure of the folders above will affect the download and implementation into python310. Would it be easier to just use a Virtual Env and copy it to the container somehow?



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