I'm working on an animation where I need a fire to fill certain vertical area. How can I increase the height of flames in a fire simulation?


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You may want to take a look at this YouTube tutorial. It's the source of my observations.

The first thing to know about Blender's physics simulations is that the defaults are never very useful. So a lot of things had to change to get a realistic simulation.

For your purposes:

  • The size and location of the smoke domain matters. So make sure your domain is tall enough.
  • Make sure to apply scale if you've scaled it.
  • These settings can make a huge difference. Experiment to see what values you need:
    • Enable 'adaptive domain' to improve performance
    • Fire vorticity
    • Reaction speed
  • The material you use for the smoke makes a huge difference. Here's an example. The key take away from it is that the emission color has a huge impact on what the flame will look like.

Fire Material


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