I am doing a walk cycle using an imported .mhx file. To do the walk cycle, I animate the legs and hand for the first frame then I paste the inverse in the frame 21 (in my case). In the first scenario: I imported the model then I click in the red button and I made the walk cycle without problem (see fig 1 and 2) fig1 fig2 In the second case: I moved the model in an other place without insert any key frames (I turn off the button red) fig3 fig4 after that I turn on the red button and I apply the same process but I remark that the person flip relative to the x-axis. I did not understand why I did not get the same results? (because I did not insert any key frame when I moved the person!!!) fig5

  • $\begingroup$ It is incomprehensible problem! I think that is related to makehuman $\endgroup$ – BetterEnglish Feb 20 '15 at 19:45

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