I'm trying to download an addon linked in a tutorial called UV squares but don't know how to get the file exactly from github. I think it's supposed to be free

Here's the link, kindly help: https://github.com/Radivarig/UvSquares

The options I'm seeing


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To do this, simply click on the green Code button on the main page of the project and select Download ZIP there.

If there are specific releases for a project, you can also find the ZIP files in the navigation on the right under Releases. This is rather recommended if you want to use tested releases.

But of course you also have the possibility to download directly via the command line program git. This procedure is called cloning and using it is relatively simple.

To clone a repository, use the following command on the command line:

git clone <remote-repo>

In your specific case, this would be:

git clone https://github.com/Radivarig/UvSquares.git

If you want to clone a specific branch, you can do so by also specifying the name of the branch:

git clone --single-branch --branch <branchname> <remote-repo>
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