I'm trying very basic stuff here.

I have made a running animation on a armature rigged soldier model. The animation plays all fine in blender , but glitches out a horrible mess after export to UE4 as FBX.

All IK bones (colored sticks) are orphans and have unchecked Deform option

I have tried this like 50 times in last 4 days with different animations, Some time some animations will work and some time they suddenly start to glitch if I make a change and some are just already glitched. However inside Blender They all work fine

Animation in blender

enter image description here

Aniation in UE4

enter image description here

Export settings for Mesh

enter image description here

Export settings for Animation

enter image description here

observed points:

1.The animation worked fine earlier when I exported it halfway in its making to test.

2.It looks like the action editor may be responsible as sometimes cleaning all keyframes and making a new animation from scratch fixes it but this is not feasible.

3.This mostly happens if I change any keyframe (like move a bone and replace the keyframe with that pose using I key)

(Attached .blend and texture file)


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