I'm trying to replicate the functionality of right-clicking on a scene collection, and selecting 'DELETE', which removes the collection but does not remove any of the objects.

However, all functions and answers I found (unlink, collection.remove, etc) always remove all the objects that are part of the collection, which I'm trying to avoid.


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You need to relink the objects to a new collection. Here's an example that removes all the objects from a collection called "monkeys" and moves them to the default collection while removing "monkeys". Change the names to protect your innocent:

import bpy

collection_to_remove = bpy.data.collections.get('monkeys')

objects_from_collection = [object for object in collection_to_remove.objects]

collection_to_link_to = bpy.data.collections.get('Collection')
for object in objects_from_collection:

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