Is there a way to speed up rendering times by reducing the number of samples, like the "4096" here:

Fra:86 Mem:1257.09M (Peak 2336.27M) | Time:00:04.50 | Remaining:35:15.04 | Mem:1289.36M, Peak:1289.36M | Scene, ViewLayer | Sample 1/4096 

and does it make sense - at the risk of reducing quality a bit?

And - most important - is it possible to do it via python (version > 2.90)?


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The manual way to do this is via the properties editor. The settings are in the Render Properties tab. (See image) For EEVEE they are the same in 2.9x and 3.x:

EEVEE render settings highlighting samples

and the Python code for changing them is

SCENE.eevee.taa_render_samples = VALUE

replacing SCENE with the scene you want to change them for like bpy.context.scene and VALUE with the integer value you want.

For Cycles, there are two versions. Cycles in 2.9x is "old Cycles". Cycles in 3.x is "Cycles X". Here are what the manual settings look like:

Old Cycles:

old Cycles render settings

and the python is

SCENE.cycles.samples = Value

Cycles X:

Cycles X Render Settings

Cycles X has the same setting; but you might not want to use max samples. See Sampling in the Blender manual for details


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