I am trying to weight paint a mesh and I have been stuck for a few hours now. I am trying to weight paint this wire which would need gradually decreasing weights for it to move naturally, but for some reason when I paint any weight on it (even 0.001) it acts as if I painted 1.0 on it, no transition at all. What am I doing wrong here?

enter image description here

I have 2 bones and have already posed on of them to move the red parts in the mesh that is why it is not in position.


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If a vertex is part of only one vertex group, whether it has a weight of 1 or 0.01, it makes no differnce: the influence of the bone on it will be 100%.

But if a vertex is part of 2 vertex groups, the weight will be taken into account, for example a vertex that is part of vertex group A with a weight of 1 and part of the vertex group B with a weight of 0.1 will be 10 times more influenced by the bone A than by bone B.


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