I'm using vertex colors to control features of a material. This works well for one of them, but I'm out of channels and need to handle pigmentation now.

The other option is of course using a texture, but that would be mildly more complicated for me here.

I know that I can add additional vertex color sets, but as of yet, only one of them is active at a time (even though I'm selecting the other vertex color set in my Vertex Color node). Having one active makes the other invisible, which I can understand, but muting it in a material surprises me. It very much limits what can be done with vertex colors.

I've tried shift+clicking and control+clicking to no avail. Can more than one vertex color group be concurrently used?


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You can use that attribute node in the shader editor. Type the attribute in the field at the bottom to access the channel you want.

enter image description here enter image description here


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