I want to extrude outward without the faces being connected together in order to get a pattern that looks kind of ribbed (picture for reference) without extruding each face individually.

enter image description here

This is what I have right now.

enter image description here

I want all of them to look like this.


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  • Place your object in Edit mode.

  • Select all of the faces you want to extrude.

Faces to extrude

  • Type CtrlF to bring up the face context menu.

  • Select Extrude Individual Faces

    Face context menu with Extrude Individual faces selected

  • Extrude to the distance you want.

    Extruded faces

  • Change the Transform Pivot point to Individual Origins

    Setting the transform pivot

  • Scale appropriately. In my example, I would scale X and Y separately for better control.

    Scaled image

  • Reset the transform pivot point to your usual value.


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