(I'm quite new to complex shading in Blender, so I might be missing something obvious)

I'm trying to make a dynamic shader that replicates a disco floor - flashing squares that light up in a checkerboard pattern, and I've got this far:

Node Setup

I'm using an offset Voronoi texture for random colour, a checkerboard to define the groups of squares, a #frame value to control the speed of the flashing, and some maths to define whether to show a glossy or emission for each square. However, it only creates a flashing Vorinoi texture, and completely ignores the checkerboard.

How do I correct this? Thanks for any help

(This shader could be used for a shape with curved faces, so generating individual squares wont do, like this Reddit post suggests)

BTW, please ignore the uncalibrated scale option


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Remove the division of the red value by 255 behind the checker texture.

The red value will be between 0 and 1. If you divide it by 255 it will be about 0.004 at the white squares and 0 at the black ones. Thus the checker texture will be eliminated by the modulo that follows later.

You could even remove the Separate RGB node and connect the Fac output of the Checker Texture directly with the Add node.


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