I'm trying to make a Minecraft skin, and I noticed that even when using Constant falloff, the brush size is still too big to paint individual pixels like Photoshop's Pen tool does: Brush with a radius of 1 px in relation to actual pixels

(The brush in the image has a radius of 1 pixel)

Is there any setting, brush or tool I might be missing that would allow me to paint in individual pixels?


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You can disable Anti-Aliasing in the Advanced dropdown menu, then use a custom falloff to regulate the radius of the brush.

Activating Anti-Aliasing

Creating a custom falloff

The first handle is at X=0 Y=1, the second at X=0.5 Y=1, and the third at X=0.501 Y=0. This will assure you only paint one pixel at a time, you can change it to your liking since it also changes it's responsiveness.


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