I have made this pretty little eye lid here: enter image description here

and I added a lattice to deform it, so it doesn't go beyond the border. (It's actually a half sphere) Now I want to have a second shape key, where the eye lids are closed (the full sphere is rotated to the front) and it is not an issue, if I actually rotate the sphere. But when I rotate the vertices the lattice deformation applies to them and everything gets messed up. So my question is: Is there a way to

  • a) make a shape key with rotation of whole object
  • b) make the lattice only apply to one shape key
  • c) some other way to make sure, that the lid does not overlay the (imaginary) hollow eyeball.
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In very short:

a) Shapekeys only translates vertices from point A to point B, no rotation involved. Why not just rotate the sphere object itself, or use a bone to do that?

b) you can add a driver to control the lattice modifier's strength with a shapekey's. Set the shapekey's value to 1, Right click the value → copy as driver. Right click modifier's strength → paste as new driver:

demo drivers

To push it even further, if you want the modifier to be disabled ONLY when the shapekey is fully disactivated with no transition:

Right click the driven modifier strenght → Open driver editor.
Select all the graph with A, open the interpolation menu with T and choose constant.
Still with all the graph selected, press GX-1⏎ Enter. It should look like this:

driver edit

c) Not sure what you're looking for exactly.


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