I've been trying to figure out how to instance meshes at the endpoints of a curve via Geo Nodes. There are tutorials for Pipes but when using something with a complex shape, the rotation of the instanced object goes crazy.

The same goes when using the Resample Curve node.

How is the Rotation date beeing transferred when using it?

There should be a way to compare the resampled points on the curve with the vertices of the profiled curves.

enter image description here

The Blend File:



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You are almost there, only one node is missing.

You trimmed the curve here with Trim Curve, which is correct, but if you want to instantiate a profile at the endpoints, you somehow need the rotation of the endpoints.

And the easiest way to achieve this is to send your trimmed curve to the node Curve to Points, reducing it to two points (the start and end points).

This node also returns the rotation of the points, which you can then use directly in the instantiation.

enter image description here


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