I've been wondering if it is possible to put LaTeX equation in blender like any other text. Does anyone knows how?


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"like any other text"? Not in the sense that you could enter LaTeX into the edit field of a Text object and have it properly formatted, no. Blender doesn't have a TeX processor built in.

The usual workaround, as seen in the various answer to this question mentioned in a comment is to use a combination of tools to eventually generate some kind of 2d graphic in a format that Blender can import. Schematically that means

  • Place your LaTeX in a file.
  • Use a tool to typeset the LaTex.
  • Use a tool to turn the typset LaText into a 2D graphic.
  • Use an importer to import the 2D graphic into Blender.
  • Bang on the imported graphic in Blender until it is suitable for your purpose.

Updating the answers from the previous question with yet another variation:

  • Using MathJax online you can type your LaTex into a form and get an SVG file as a result. LaTeX to SVG is one such approach. This has the small advantage over the approaches in the question that it is OS independent and doesn't require you to install software to process the LaTex.

  • Save the SVG file to your computer.

  • Use the Import-Export: SVG 1.1 importer to import the SVG file. This produces a lot of curves. You may want to convert them to meshes if you want to do things like add textures.

  • Done:

an equation

If you want to process the image further, you may want to install Inkscape, and use it to convert the text to a png file after cleaning it up. Then you can use Images as Planes to import it and not bother with the SVG.


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