Hello is there somebody who uses ACES in blender? I have few questions. First one, how to change color wheel's color space to aces, because default color wheel goes crazy with Aces and i have found in blender documentation, there is something called "rules" and one of the is "color_picker" and i have no idea how to use this rule in order to fix this wheel. https://docs.blender.org/.../render/color_management.html

Second question is more sophisticated, about blender's color space transforms in aces, but maybe later with this one, if someone who uses Aces will come forward.enter image description here


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Use Utility - sRGB - Texture instead of Output - sRGB can give you a "traditional" look colorwheel.

The RGB numbers displayed in the colorwheel are always in scene linear color space. In ACES workflow, the scene linear space should be ACEScg. (1,0,0) means a pure red in AP1 color space. However, the color displayed in colorwheel UI uses the color_picking color space.

Hope my sample config file helps.


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