I've got a script that loads geographical data into an attribute and creates a point cloud. enter image description here

The data is a 3D array so I want to use the frame to slice out different time steps. I use this to update my attribute

bpy.data.objects[name].data.attributes['myAttribute'].data.foreach_set('value', slice.flatten())

Except these changes don't appear unless I re-enter my attribute here and the tree is executed again.

enter image description here

How can I re-execute my node tree again at the end of the script?


always returns False so I dunno if that's relevant

Also I would like to avoid using 'ops' or 'context'


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Found a work around.

First you can execute 'update_tag()' on the object with the geometry nodes. This usually works, however in this case it required a frame to scrub. To get around this I wrote a function and passed it into the bpy.app.handlers.frame_change_pre handler and now it works wonderfully


heres the code:

def update_data(scene):
        bpy.data.objects[name].data.attributes['myAttribute'].data.foreach_set('value', slice.flatten())


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