i've been trying to create a rocky ground, using a plane and it's particle effect as i saw in some tutorial. However, even if i follow it step by step the rocks used as particles seem to remain floating everywhere around the plane like this:

enter image description here

The current steps i'm following are:

  1. Create the plane and subdivide, then add displace modifier with cloud texture, then apply object->apply->scale

  2. Create the rock object

  3. Add the particle system to the plane...

Here is my blend file: https://pasteall.org/blend/5629ace07f234c6691b8b3961474e02d

Thanks in advance for any help!


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The origins of your particle objects are too far from the meshes. Select your 2 rocks and right click > Set Origin > Origin to Geometry (or move the meshes in Edit mode in order to put the origins wherever you want).


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