I frequently make use of linking collections from other blend files, so I can pose and do renders of characters without duplicating them in each project. Previously we used proxies for this, as of Blender 3.0 it's library overrides which I like even better. There's one limitation I'm unsure how to get around.

I often change the linked assets: Almost always they're automatically updated in scenes using them. But what if I rename the collection being linked? How do I tell a scene referencing the collection to look for a different name to get the same group back, without losing changes such as animation?

On that note: What can I do if I also rename the blend file being linked? How do I safely tell the scene that the name changed and get the linked assets seen again like nothing happened?


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Blender won't recognize a renamed collection, you need to link it again.
Then just change the instances, and the animation will stay intact.

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ Yo, thanks for feedback, i should probably simplify it a bit :). And yeah, direct relinking would be nice. $\endgroup$ Jan 31 at 18:57
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks. Will all library overrides remain? I'll give that a go when I get to my renaming and see how far I get. $\endgroup$ Jan 31 at 20:35

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