How to select vertices nearest to each selected vertex (which share the same edges) by specific distance? For example: enter image description here


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I have seen the nice example (which is has been deleted by author), where you can find the nearest vertexes using fast and effective KDTree search.


import mathutils
import bmesh

from bpy import context
obj = context.object

# create a kd-tree from a mesh
mesh = bmesh.from_edit_mesh(obj.data)
size = len(mesh.verts)
kd = mathutils.kdtree.KDTree(size)

for i, v in enumerate(mesh.verts):
    kd.insert(v.co, i)


# Find points within a radius
print("Close points within 0.5 distance")
for v in [v for v in mesh.verts if v.select]:
    co_find = v.co
    for (co, index, dist) in kd.find_range(co_find, 0.5):
        mesh.verts[index].select = True
        print("    ", co, index, dist)

But to make sure that they are connected, you have to look at edges array of bmesh (something like this):

 for e in mesh.edges:
     if (e.verts[0]==v and e.verts[1].index == index) or (e.verts[1]==v and e.verts[0].index == index) :
         mesh.verts[index].select = True
         print("    ", co, index, dist)

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