I'm working on a geo node setup, and I'm stuck on the following problem:

The Z rotation of the runes should be aligned to the normals of the curve circle that's istancing them. An example would e.g. be an engraving on a ring.

This is how it looks right now

I have tried multiple things, such as

This Or This but those didnt work.

Thanks in advance


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You should try to connect "Rotation" output from "Curve to Points" node with "Rotation" input from "Instance on Points" node.

Here is my more complex answer for very similar question:

Unable to rotate instances individually in Geometry nodes

And here are several other questions and answers about rotating something along curve:

Geometry Nodes - rotate point along curve tangent

Align object along curve (Geometry Node 3.0)

Accessing "n+1"th point instance in geometry node

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