I have instanced some grass on a plane, and i want an empty (or mesh, or whatever works) to go trough it, while folding, or rotating grass away so it makes a path. Ive been trying to do this with geometry nodes and geometry proximity but no luck, any help?


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We can align their rotation to the vector from the empty controller to their position, and modulate this alignment by the distance from the empty controller:

enter image description here

Notice the instancing Suzanne in the background; her origin is located at her bottom. This is important because the rotation will be about that origin. (I also edited her a bit to stretch her out, so I could make sure I could see what I was doing.)

The map range is simply to tune the fall-off, and this should be done to eye. Here, anything more than 1.2 units from the empty will be unaffected.

  • $\begingroup$ i tried your setup with 3.0 and i got: [1]: i.sstatic.net/lqAFN.gif but i don't think it is your fault, it think it is the Blender version - although it seems to be the same - might be different ones. On 3.1 it is weird too. Or i made a dumb mistake - but i double checked. $\endgroup$
    – Chris
    Commented Jan 26, 2022 at 9:31

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