I'm a complete beginner trying to replicate this "Cocoon" object.

I tried to make the tiled pattern by using several rotated cubes (to create a diamond) joined together by using array modifier and then creating the tiled effect by simply duplicating the first set of cubes and alternating them in such a way that the succeeding level of the set of cubes is lower than the previous set.

I wanted to morph the pattern onto an object using the shrinkwrap modifier. However, I've had no success in doing so.

I tried to shrinkwrap the pattern onto a cylinder, and fortunately, it worked.
However, on natural objects it just ends up deforming the pattern altogether, diminishing the "tiled" effect in the end.

Ideally, I'd like the pattern to be able to morph to any object without it deforming.

Is there any other way to do this?

A "Cocoon" at Baku Airport, Azerbaijan A "Cocoon" at Baku Airport, Azerbaijan


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  • Ctrl3 Subdivide the default cube

  • CtrlA on the subdivision modifier to apply it

  • go to Edit Mode, F3 Checker Deselect

  • CtrlB, V bevel vertices, drag

If you assign every other vertex (selection after Checker Deselect) to a group, you can use modifiers:

Weld is needed for smooth shading, but it defeats the purpose...


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